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Shooting at UCLA

As many of you know, last week UCLA Professor William Klug was murdered by a former student in his office. We know now that the student then committed suicide, but at the time we thought UCLA was in the midst of a mass shooting. As much as I tried, I just couldn’t bring myself to focus on anything else this week.


Egyptian Archaeology

Egyptian archaeology is full of interesting characters. In this episode of the podcast we’ll discuss the birth of Egyptian archaeology by looking at two unique figures: Giovanni Belzoni, the circus strong man turned archaeologist; and William Flinders Petrie, the man who measured the Great Pyramid in red underwear and a pink tutu.


Terrorism in Egypt

With another plane crash, which appears to be an act of terrorism, we’ll discuss terrorism in Egypt. Is Egypt safe? Why do terrorists target tourists, and tourist sites? We’ll go over the history of terror attacks on tourists in Egypt in the past few decades, and discuss what this might to Egypt and its economy.

Painted for Eternity: Tattoos in Ancient Egypt

A new discovery has shed some light on the practice of tattooing in ancient Egypt, and has us all rethinking how Egyptians chose to decorate their bodies. We’ll look at the history of tattooing ancient Egypt, and look at the new evidence in this episode of Eric’s Guide to Ancient Egypt.

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Drama in Cairo: What’s in Tut’s Tomb?

As the end of a three day conference in Cairo draws to a close, there’s more drama (and less answers) about the hidden chambers in Tut’s tomb. I’ll break down the latest news from Cairo, and discuss where we go from here.

Golden Mask of King Tutankhamun
Golden Mask of King Tutankhamun

Scanning the Pyramids with Cosmic Rays

New scans using cosmic rays are allowing Egyptologists and scientists to look inside they pyramids for the first time. We’ll discuss this technology and results in this episode of Eric’s Guide to Ancient Egypt.


The Tale of Setne Khamwas

In this episode of the podcast we’ll explore the first tale of Setne. Setne, a son of Ramesses the Great and High Priest of Ptah at Memphis, was known as a powerful and wise priest and magician. In our story he battles a rival magician and scours the land in search for a magical book written by the god Thoth himself, which will allow him immense magical power. But as we will see, attempting to steal power meant for the gods has a price.


Travelling To Egypt

In this episode I’ll break down how I travel Egypt, how I think you should travel Egypt, and what are the must see locations. This is the podcast for anyone who wants to go to Egypt now, or in the future!


The Exodus

In this episode of the podcast we’ll discuss the Israelite Exodus from ancient Egypt. Were the ancient Hebrews slaves to the pharaohs? We’ll break down the evidence in this episode of Eric’s Guide to Ancient Egypt.