Akhenaten–The Prophet of the Sun

Was Akhenaten simply a  totalitarian political schemer, or was he a man of faith? A true believer? In this episode of the podcast we will look at Akhenaten’s religious revolution. We will see the portrait of a man who was willing to overturn more than a millennium of polytheistic religious tradition in the service of his god and establish the world’s first monotheistic religion in the world. Akhenaten: fascist or prophet–you decide.

3 thoughts on “Akhenaten–The Prophet of the Sun”

  1. Just found this podcast and I’ve quite enjoyed it so far, particularly the parallels between what Akhenaten was attempting to do and modern totalitarianism. I’m looking forward to working through all the episodes and catching up. 🙂

  2. Hi Eric, I’m going through your podcasts chronologically now (after becoming an addict quickly) and I really love them, especially the longer ones when you really take your time to explain and (much more important!) to narrate the context in your great pace and tone. English is a foreign language to me, but it feels very natural to listen to you just because of that pace and the clearity of your speech. I like that a lot! You are combining the two (for me) most important features of a science communicator here: Being enthusiastic and excited about your topic and being able to narrating it authentically. The facts and the opinions, the science and the personality merge in such projects, and that’s of maximum value for the listener! It was first through an enthusiastic teacher in school and later through scientists telling me about their stuff by themselves (in Brady Haran’s great science channels!) that I realized how valuable this combination is. For me, there’s no better way of teaching than this – a charismatic expert acting authentically and with concern for the listener! Sorry for being that excited – but I just am! 🙂

    But I’ve also got a question, maybe you can fill the gap. I’ve listened to all the Amarna shows and I might have missed it, so please give me a hint. I’m asking it here as it fits best for this episode: How do we know that Akhenaten had closed down all the other temples? What is the evidence of this? Are there texts about this, something like Akhenaten’s orders, or do we conclude this from some missing temple records from this period? I’m wondering how we know this for example for a major temple in Heliopolis or someplace far away of Amarna? Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work!

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