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Animals in Ancient Egypt

Most people know that the ancient Egyptians loved their pets, but their relationship with animals was much more complicated than that. Some animals were feared, while others were venerated. Select animals were treated as living gods, while millions of others were slaughtered. In this episode of the podcast we’ll examine the ancient Egyptian attitudes towards animals, and look at why they chose to worship them.


Women in Ancient Egypt

Let’s face it, the ancient world was not a great place for the ladies. In most ancient societies (and some modern ones), women were treated as objects that were used to cement political alliances or valued only for their sexuality and childbearing potential. However, ancient Egypt seems to be an exception. Women in ancient Egypt could own property, marry whoever they wanted, and could enter a variety of professions–some even held the office of Pharaoh. However, there were many negatives attitudes toward women. It was thought that women should remain at home and live private lives, while men entered public life. Women were also considered to be seducers and temptresses who lead men to harm. In this episode of the podcast we’ll break down the role of women in ancient and try to determine exactly how much freedom women had.


Magic and Masturbation: The Heliopolitan Cosmogony

Sex was a central component in Ancient Egyptian mythology and religion. In this episode of the podcast we’ll explore how sex brought the world into existence, and how the ancient Egyptians used sex to defeat death.


Another Tutdate!

More news on the tomb of King Tut. With a new Minister of Antiquities and Tourism, there is some skepticism about the early results, prompting new set of scans. The Ministry of Antiquities has started backing away from their earlier claims, and appears to be lowering expectations. We’ll break it down on this episode of Eric’s Guide to Ancient Egypt

Golden Mask of King Tutankhamun
Golden Mask of King Tutankhamun

Magic and Medicine in Ancient Egypt

Why did ancient people believe in magic? What sort of magic did they practice? For the ancient Egyptians, magic was a natural force to that was meant to be harnessed. It was given to mankind to help them deal with the uncertainty of life. In this episode of the podcast we’ll explore how magic, along with religion and medicine, worked and existed as part of a logical system that provided psychological comfort to ancient people by allowing them to believe they had some control of life’s unpredictable events and circumstances.


The Egyptian Economy: Strikes and Tomb Robberies

As we continue our study of the Village of Deir el-Medina and daily life in ancient Egypt, we turn our attention toward the Egyptian Economy. We’ll discuss how corruption and abuse led to the first recorded workers strike in the world, and how economic collapse resulted in the systematic plundering of royal tombs by the inhabitants of Deir el-Medina and the local elite. farm3

Tutdate: The Greatest Discovery of the Century?

In this bonus episode of the podcast I’ll discuss the recent press conference regarding the hidden chambers in Tut’s tomb, as well as where we go from here. Could this be this century’s greatest archaeological discovery?

Golden Mask of King Tutankhamun
Golden Mask of King Tutankhamun

Rapist, Thief, Thug: The Notorious Paneb

In this episode of the podcast we’ll take a look at the notorious Paneb. Accused of theft, assault and rape (to name a few charges), Paneb’s story gives us a window into corruption and justice in ancient Egypt. We’ll see how, through bribery and intimidation, Paneb was able to rise through the ranks and institute a brief reign of terror over the village of Deir el-Medina.



On this episode of the podcast we explore the ancient Egyptian world of death and mummification. How did the Egyptians create mummies, and why? We’ll break down the process on this episode of Eric’s Guide to Ancient Egypt.