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Where did the name Egypt come from?

Where did the word Egypt come from? What does it mean? Is that what the ancient Egyptians called Egypt? What do modern day Egyptians call Egypt? We’ll get into the ancient names for Egypt, what they mean, and how we got to the name ‘Egypt’ on this episode of Eric’s Guide to Ancient Egypt.

Pyramids of Giza on a clear day
Pyramids of Giza on a clear day

Akhenaten the Monster

As our examination of Akhenaten and the Amarna period concludes, we turn our attention to Akhenaten’s family. Did Akhenaten, in an attempt to secure a pure bloodline succession, marry and impregnate his own daughters? Was he really king Tutankhamun’s father? It’s incest, intrigue, and the end of the Amarna era on this episode of Eric’s Guide to Ancient Egypt.


What’s Inside the Great Pyramid?

Has the Great Pyramid, the only one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world to survive into the modern era, given up all of its secrets? Apparently not! Thermal scans released on November 9th seem to indicate the possibility of an undiscovered passage way and hidden chamber on the eastern side of the pyramid. We’ll break down the science, and it’s implications, in this episode of Eric’s Guide to Ancient Egypt.

Akhenaten–The Avant-Garde Artist

As our examination of Akhenaten continues, we turn our attention to Akhenaten’s artistic side. In addition to the political and religious changes he initiated, Akhenaten completely revolutionized established artistic convention. For a conservative society built on decorum and maintaining the status quo, what would cause a new king to adopt a new, grotesque, alienesque form of portraiture for himself and the royal family? Was he a sick pharaoh suffering from a disease, or was he attempting to communicate something else? That’s what we’ll get into on this episode of Eric’s Guide to Ancient Egypt.

Why the did Ancient Egyptians build Pyramids?

With one of the United State’s presidential frontrunners suggesting that it was the biblical Joseph who built the Great Pyramids as grain silos, I have been getting a lot of questions about why the Egyptians built the pyramids. In this episode, our first ever fan suggestion, I’ll go into the functional and religious aspects of pyramids and give a brief synopsis of tomb evolution in ancient Egypt.

Welcome to Eric’s Guide to Ancient Egypt

Welcome to the show! In this brief episode I give a quick personal biography, as well as my goals for this podcast. If you are looking for some great shows on Egypt and want to dive right in to material, feel free to skip this episode. But if you wanted to find out a little bit more about the man behind the microphone–give it a listen!

Akhenaten–The Prophet of the Sun

Was Akhenaten simply a  totalitarian political schemer, or was he a man of faith? A true believer? In this episode of the podcast we will look at Akhenaten’s religious revolution. We will see the portrait of a man who was willing to overturn more than a millennium of polytheistic religious tradition in the service of his god and establish the world’s first monotheistic religion in the world. Akhenaten: fascist or prophet–you decide.

Akhenaten–The Fascist Pharaoh

Akhenaten. One of the most famous pharaohs–but he wasn’t supposed to be. Coming to power only after the death of his brother, his reign was so traumatic that the ancient Egyptians attempted to erase any trace of his existence after his death. In this podcast we’ll examine his rise to power and the extreme steps he took to gain complete control over ancient Egypt.


The Lost Tomb of Nefertiti

After nearly a century of study, has King Tutankhamun finally given up his biggest, and most important secret? New research suggests that his tomb may actually contain a secret, undisturbed burial chamber for Queen Nefertiti. We’ll break down the evidence in the inaugural episode of the Eric’s Guide to Ancient Egypt Podcast.