Akhenaten–The Prophet of the Sun

Was Akhenaten simply a  totalitarian political schemer, or was he a man of faith? A true believer? In this episode of the podcast we will look at Akhenaten’s religious revolution. We will see the portrait of a man who was willing to overturn more than a millennium of polytheistic religious tradition in the service of his god and establish the world’s first monotheistic religion in the world. Akhenaten: fascist or prophet–you decide.

Akhenaten–The Fascist Pharaoh

Akhenaten. One of the most famous pharaohs–but he wasn’t supposed to be. Coming to power only after the death of his brother, his reign was so traumatic that the ancient Egyptians attempted to erase any trace of his existence after his death. In this podcast we’ll examine his rise to power and the extreme steps he took to gain complete control over ancient Egypt.


The Lost Tomb of Nefertiti

After nearly a century of study, has King Tutankhamun finally given up his biggest, and most important secret? New research suggests that his tomb may actually contain a secret, undisturbed burial chamber for Queen Nefertiti. We’ll break down the evidence in the inaugural episode of the Eric’s Guide to Ancient Egypt Podcast.

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